Custom App and Fixtures - Migration Issue

Hello everyone,

I’ve developed a custom app named “app_management” within ERPNext version 14 on my server abc.def.2.30. I’ve employed the fixtures concept for migrating doctype customizations. Subsequently, I migrated the “app_management” app to ERPNext version 15 on server abc.def.2.45 using Git. Although I’ve successfully installed my custom app, “app_management,” the custom doctype isn’t appearing in the Frappe UI on the migrated server, abc.def.2.45.

Could someone please assist me in resolving this issue?

Thank you,
Vijay Perumalsamy

Did you try to bench build or bench build--force?. try it.

Thankyou for your response @NCP ,
I tried it now . But the custom doctype is not loaded in UI .
Is there any other way to achieve it?

Does it appear on the doctype’s list?

No. Not listed in UI.
But the respective fixtures folder contains it in server side.

Custom doctype export using export-fixtures ?

I have executed the export-fixtures command in my dev server i.e abc.def.2.30 and it is working fine in it.
Do I need to execute the bench export-fixtures in my prod server too?

Instead of adding a doctype from export fixtures, you can directly store it in your custom app.

When you create a doctype and then select the custom module, it will create a doctype in your custom app.

But what about the custom app doctype migration from one server (version-14) to another server (version-15).
I am facing issue in the above mentioned scenario.
How to achieve this?