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I am making a custom app for managing greenhouse operations for our farm. I am also trying to get a grasp on the framework for the future. My question is this:

In Desk >> Applications the category dropdown, is there a way to add options to this list?

I am using the paypal integration app as a model to compare by and in paypal_integration >> paypal_integration >> config >> there is a field “label”: _(“Integrations”). Can I copy this .py file and add a new string to that and have it populate in the category dropdown on the Applications doc? I’m sure it is not that easy, but if someone could nudge me in then right direction I would be grateful…


@Brandon_Fox a little off-topic maybe … I have noted that custom Apps such as the one you are talking about here being mentoned in topics on this forum. But it seems that the Community practically doesn’t share anything.

I assume this is mainly a problem of infrastructure and I am trying to gain more visibility for Community made apps. As a first steps I am going to list everything I am getting aware of here on this forum, as well as forking them on github

So in this light … can you tell where your code is hosted? Are you using github by any chance?


my hub

the current app I am wokring on