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I have noted that here and there users on this Forum mention custom made apps they have made. Unfortunately almost nobody shares their code actually.

I am convinced that making Apps/Code that comes from others then the Frappe core team accessible to the community could boost development and progress remarkably.

So, first 2 measures in this regard are:

  1. list links to code here in this thread
  2. fork such Community Apps on [> github][1]

naturally any participation is highly welcomed
[1]: Community-Apps-for-erpnext · GitHub


Brandon from Foxtrot

**Side note, I am a novice with Open Source Projects, but I am eager to help with this one.

ok, this is THE list …

Custom app for managing the data entry, tracking and reporting for the 
Foxtrot Greenhouse. Will track greenhouse variables, water testing and 
nutrient/additive tracking.

An extension of Frappe / ERPNext for agricultural purposes

Check this link for a visual blue print

status: unclear, seems to be in a draft stage

This is fleet management app written for Frappe Framework.
This app is still in Alpha. Do not use in production.

Mandrill alternative app for ERPNext

A live chat inside ERPNext.

adding custom fields (Customer Number to "Customer" & 'Supplier Number' to "Supplier")

BioTrack connector for ERPNext

I guess you are familiar with @Francois_Ifitwala who is leading ideas on erpnext for agriculture,

@becht_robert I have stumbled over that username before, yes. But I guess your point is something aside the level of acquaintance between the 2 of us, right?

We would love to see more apps with “docs”. That’s when we can seriously start listing them!

@revant_one has a bunch of interesting apps too


New App

Set communication status from SendGrid via webhooks. Mandrill alternative app for ERPNext

by semilimes · GitHub / @alexkozlov_semilimes


Coming into the new year I think that most people do share their apps on github. The problem that i can see is that there in no naming scheme for people to follow. As a community we should also have a review process for the apps. I have also notice that most people have there plugins as an MIT license. That is incorrect if they are released to the plublic they should be a GPv3. The GPL is a copyleft license ERPNext is GPLv3 so all addons if released are derivative of that license.

Copyleft is a general method for making a program (or other work) free (in the sense of freedom, not “zero price”), and requiring all modified and extended versions of the program to be free as well. The simplest way to make a program free software is to put it in the public domain, uncopyrighted.

For more reading

@rmehta what are you thoughts of guidelines and a review process to allow for the community to more easy share apps?

I think a good pattern would be the support of name spacing. That means the apps are separated by namespaces. So there would be no conflict between two apps, which are using a DocType with same name but different meaning.

I know… This problem is well known on other ERP systems and they solved it with such means.

We also have some apps in

Why some repository missing or removed?

because the thread is 5 years old…

a bit more up to date list is here: