Custom App Installation Error

I create site, and install frappe, erpnext, and custom app. When I visit the site url, I get an error.

In my local pc. It works well. When I pull this app in server, I get that error. I try it many times. But can’t solve this. How to solve this? Please help me.


Hi @Samsul,

Uninstall for apply the command:

bench --site [] uninstall-app custom_app_name --force --no-backup

If you bench is start then stop it. and apply the command.

bench remove-app custom_app_name --force

// OR

bench remove-app custom_app_name

If you want to install custom_app_name then apply the command.

bench get-app custom_app_name_path

Then after installing the app on your site.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

I complete your process step by step. But I again got the same error :smiling_face_with_tear:

Please check the app.txt

sudo nano sites/apps.txt

Your app name is available or not?

extra_core Available in apps.txt