Custom App Installation

So I’ve been developing a custom app using the guide with no issues.
The app works, no python errors, everything looks right.
On the original development server I can migrate, update until the cows come home with no issues or errors.

I recently spun up a separate server did a fresh install of frappe and ERPNext with no errors or issues. I perform: bench get-app [app name] [app git repository] and it pulls and performs the request with no errors.

When I then perform: bench install-app [app name] it informs me the app does not exist?!?!?!

If I bench shell and then go into the app folder and run there are no reported errors or issues?!?!?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, even though the app does not exist according to the bench install-app command the bench version reports the following:


erpnext 8.11.0
frappe 8.10.1
vcs 0.0.1

The last entry is the custom app name and version number!!!

Thanks in advance!


Can you share your github repo which has the Custom App?

Thanks for the fast response!

I’ve resolved my own issue…
So frappe, during adding app performs a specific module import to get solely the app If this fails it does not report an error but defaults to reporting Could not find app!

		app = "frappe" if app=="webnotes" else app
			app_hooks = get_module(app + ".hooks")
		except ImportError:
			if local.flags.in_install_app:
				# if app is not installed while restoring
				# ignore it
			print('Could not find app "{0}"'.format(app_name))
			if not request:

In my case I had left in an import in a sub python file for ptvsd (Remote debugging)… It failed gracefully and silently. When I commented out all but the barest of and installed it passed through this section and then proceeded to precompile the python and alerted me to the missing dependency.

Thanks again!