Custom app integration not showing on desk

I tried integrating GitHub - Nayar/ipbxmanager with ERPNext, but I’m unable to find it anywhere on the desktop or through the search bar.

I did the following:
bench get-app ipbxmanager GitHub - Nayar/ipbxmanager
and frappe did the rest including build and restart.

Please help.

I would be interested in that too

Have you installed this on the site as well? get-app only fetches the app and doesn’t install it for a site.

Just make sure the app is installed by running:
bench --site <sitename> list-apps or going to Help > About on desk.

If the app is not installed, run:
bench --site <sitename> install-app ipbxmanager

Thank you so much for guiding this newbie.
Its successfully installed! :slight_smile:

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The app has no documentation. Is there anyone who have used this app or knows how to use it? I want to connect to my Asterisk server and place/receive calls directly from/to ERPNext. Does this app serve that functionality?

I tried reading the code but I couldn’t understand anything. Please help out.