Custom App - Missing Card from Desk

Hi, I have created an custom app, added card by amending file and the codes is as follows:

def get_data():
return [
	# Modules
		"module_name": "Custom",
		"category": "Modules",
		"label": _("Custom Card"),
		"color": "#3498db",
		"icon": "octicon octicon-repo",
		"type": "module",
		"description": "Custom App description.",
		"onboard_present": 1

Now the thing is that, card is only visible for few users where as rest of the users can’t find the card on the there desk, tried show and hide card feature but its not working as well.

Do the role “All” have at least Read permission…?

User must have permission for atleast one doctype

Users have permissions to doctypes, still its not appearing.