Custom App Module with button


I am trying to create a simple custom app which will be used to run backups and restore (like Bench Manager). The backup files will be in a different location so I will use the button to move the relevant backup file to the existing directory so Bench can pick it up.

However, I am struggling getting the module to display in ERPNext let alone get something outputted to the screen.

Any pointers?



Thank you for the link.

Unfortunately, it’s far more advance then I need for now. I don’t want to create new doctypes just a little window with a couple of buttons and maybe a drop down…

A dialog maybe?

i think you should make custom page so you can use that page as wrapper.

Thanks for the tips.

The dialog will be useful to confirm an option.

Is the only way to get a “page” on the screen to create a DocyType or Form in ERPNext and then call it? In which case…

  1. how would I go about having the page setup during new install
  2. I have buttons that run python code? Searching the forum I can see its possible but forms using the “cur_frm.add_custom_button”.

The end result I need is 1. read a file and display the file names
2. Select the file name and write the name to another file.