Custom app not showing on Desk until manually add .py in config folder

Hi guys,

I have just started developing Frappe/ERPNext. The problem I encounter right now is that, after created and installed the custom app on my site, it’s not showed on DESK. After some research, if i add a .py file with the name as my Module ( the default one when creating the new app is same as App name) and declare some dummy doctype on that file then my app will be showed nicely on Desk.

I have tried add some Doctype via Frappe Desk but the result is that no .py file is generated hence my App can’t be showed on DESK

Am i missing something or we have to added those file manually ?

What version are you using?

Please check the Module field when creating doctype. You may have set it to other module than your app.

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I’m using v12, i’ve checked and all is correct, the doctypes is created for the correct Module

let me clarify some things:

  • Your app is not showing until you add .py with module name (not app name?)
  • or, Your app is showing but no menu (doctype list) is shown?
  • Where do you add the module .py file?

If it is your app, yes you need to add a doctype first for the app to display on desk.

It if it is the menu, you need to add a py file in the config directory with the list of doctypes you want to display.

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Thanks for your response,
This is my issue:
For example, I created 2 apps: demo_app and sites_management

For demo_app, i created the in config folder, where i declared some dummy doctype definition.
For sites_management, I didn’t create that file in config folder
I created doctype for both app.
The result is: demo_app appear in DESK but sites_management is not

Then yes you have to manually add the py files in the config folder.

Each file for each module in your app.
If you want a doctype from your app to be displayed in ERPNext modules menu (eg. in Selling module) then you can add a with the name of you doctype in it. It will be appended in the Selling module.

And vice versa, if you wan to have a doctype menu in your Demo App menu, add the in your app config folder.

I hope my explanation is clear and can help you.

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it’s all cleared, thanks you very much