Custom app not shown in the Desk menu unable to find the app after installation

I have created a new app using
bench new-app firstapp
then i added the app to my site using
bench --site site1.local install-app firstapp
when i start bench
i can’t find “firstapp” between the Desk installed apps
developer_mode is 1
what could be the reason for that please
no errors are shown
thank you

empty apps not appear, try to add new doctype in your app and try again

Thank you for replying
i already added two doctypes
also i did migrate after that
but still can’t find the app
i can see the doctype inside the app dir

Yeah If your using the develop branch I found the same - it would never show up. If you use the master branch it works as expected.

I also found that it did not export the doctypes properly into the custom app as well, when using the develop branch It was very confusing .

I’m using the bench-repo
followed the instruction in the github repository

Yeah you will need to switch to the master branch.
you can do this by doing a

    bench switch-to-master
    bench --site yoursite migrate

will this effect my current code ?
especially if have done changes to some codes

you can make a copy of the /apps directory if your concerned about losing code - although you shouldn’t be editing the core code of erpnext. You could also take a backup of your database as well to ensure anything you have done there can also be pulled if needed. - this is done via

bench backup-all-sites

i needed to customize some parts of the core code
do u have a better way to customize the code ?
thank you for caring

Hi ahmedrn, make sure you understand customizations in erpnext terms (adding/remove fields from core doctypes) and how you can export them to your own custom app. This is done via the hook module in your custom app (fixtures). If you need to change the functionality of some of the code in one of the core doctypes, you can always use monkey patching. If you do it this way, when erpnext gets upgraded, all of your changes will not be lost.


so if want to change style for example the accounts Item list i need to do the following:
1- create new app
2- include my new css style in the created app
then what ?
how to tell frappe that’s my new style for the desk

It automatically picks it up via the function in your app - you may need to do a bench build to ensure that your css is included in the minified css that it produces.

After you have created your new app you will see some commented out lines in the file, about css/js, for either the desk, or the website. So you can have css that only applies to the desk side (that’s the site where users log in and enter data etc), or the public facing website side.

Also take your time to go through

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that’s so much helpful
Thank you for your time <3

I am seeing the same behaviour. I was previously building on the master branch but switched to develop so that I can send feature pull requests. Can someone from Frappe/ERPNext confirm if this is expected behaviour?