Custom app scheduled event not enqueued

Hi there,

for some reason it seems scheduled_events in custom apps are not enqueued.

Can someone double check and confirm?

ERPNext: v9.x.x-develop (620e098) (develop)
Frappe Framework: v9.x.x-develop (b959936) (develop)

is your scheduler enabled?

Yes, sure frappe and erpnext scheduled_events are enqueued; it seems not getting hooks value from custom app.

It was working fine, since some days (cannot tell exactly when and/or what update) it fails to enqueue

have you tried v9 master instance? Just to see if it’s really an issue on develop. Also, I’m thinking probably your hook is having a timeout, caused by long activity and if that’s the cause I would suggest you use from frappe.utils.background_jobs import enqueue

It seems to be the same in master branch, it happened about 1 week ago …i had to trigger manually … It is not a timeout problem …events are not enqueud at all form

I see, so far what I can see its a timeout problem or bug in your code. Suggesting you should try from frappe.utils.background_jobs import enqueue to see the possibility of timeout. I’m using v9 though I’m in master everything seems fine.

Probably I can’t explain it clearly …it’s not my code as it is not enquired at all …

try bench clear-cache

Thx for the hint, find out it was related on missing currentsite.txt …restored and now it seems ok …