Custom APP translations issue in Version 14


After upgrading to v14, I noticed translations in my custom APP are not overriding anymore those defined in ERPNext. It seems ERPNext has now precedence.

ERPNext define this translation in fr.csv:

Grand Total,Total TTC,

My custom app define this translation in fr.csv:

Grand Total,Grand Total,

But “Total TTC” is still shown.

Anyone can relate ?


Found it!

My custom app was set before erpnext in site/apps.txt.
I moved it after erpnext and now it’s working as before.

One question remains though, where this order in apps.txt comes from ?
I did not alter this file and I performed installation in this order: frappe, erpnext, custom_app.

I think there has been discussion for that. There is now some settings for that. Because you can alter default ERPNext modules/codes and your app must have preference over ERPNext.

Whoa, bench update re-order site/apps.txt… WTF ?