[custom app] V9 : DocType Directory Structure issue

Hello Community,
i am new on erpnext.
i did Setup and installtion of frappe and erpnext in my local machine sucessfully.

I refered frappe user guide documents for app and site creation. below is the link there define when we create new doctype that doctype related .json and .py file will automatically create in related application directory structure.


but when i create new doctype and save it, .json and .py file is not create in my application.

is there any other configuration that i miss for it or is a issue ??


Did you tick custom checkbox when create doctype?

Hello @magic-overflow,
Thanks for replying me.

Yes, In my doctype have Custom checkbox is true and also Quick Entry and Track Chages checkboxs is true.
Here i mention steps that i followed:

frappe-bench$ bench new-site fleet_demo
frappe-bench$ bench new-app fleet_management
frappe-bench$ bench --site fleet_demo install-app fleet_management
frappe-bench$ bench start
URL in Browser :
then i go to the doctype through Setup=>doctype and create new doctype.


Just unchecked Custom checkbox and Save.

You have to log in as Administrator in order to unchecked.

hello @magic-overflow
I am already logged with Administrator.
but i can’t able to unchecked it. Also created another new doctype but can’t able to unchecked it.


set “developer_mode”: 1 in site_config.json


I added “developer_mode” : 1 in site_config.json.
still i am not able to unchecked it. :thinking:


Same issue here

I thought I had a user with administrator rights or something, but there is only one “Administrator”, and that name goes into the “Email address” field on login. It works for me now.