Custom app with ERPNext POS-like flow

I’d starting an app but want to understand the design and use as reference the POS app. I’m confused because there doesn’t seem to be a matching DocType. It is also unclear to me if the “work” here is being done with JavaScript or Python as both files don’t seem to address the workflow that start with the drop down menu. What am I missing? Can seombody point me to the source and/or method of the this UI?

I’m not an experienced programmer, but I’m a believer in the power of the Frappe/ ERPNext system.

@tmatteson the POS app is built from scratch in Javascript with templates.

What kind of page are you trying to build?

Thank you! I’m trying to model small/ medium scale farming practices. I wanted to start with a simple and common example and settled on egg production. I’m working on an egg collection app that has a field for quantity collected, creates a record then moves the eggs into finished goods or raw materials (user’s choice).
If I understand the best way to do this, it’ll be setting up the forms with a controller and then the rest of it with js on submit. Thankfully what I’m attempting is much simpler than the POS app now that I’ve had a look under the hood.

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