Custom application login

Hi everyone!

Please help,
I’ve created custom application and I’d like (as user=“System Manager”) to be redirected after login to another page not “desk” is it possible? How can I change this redirection by custom app.

And also I’d like to add some new buttons(like “Zoom In”, “Zoom Out”) to existing ERP editor. How can I make it without changing frappe code

Thanks for your answers.

@SwitsolAG I don’t think this is configurable out of the box yet, but maybe we can add a setting where the users can select the default home page.

You will need to edit the code. Maybe get a freelancer to contribute it if you don’t want to do it yourself :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answers :slight_smile:

Yeah but I hope I can change it from my custom application without changing frappe code, can’t?