Custom apps collide


I have two custom apps that contain customizations in the Sales Invoice form with custom fields.
While each one works correctly by themselves when I install both in an instance, it seems that the customizations of the first app installed it’s dismissed.

For more information:

  • Each app has the custom folder with sales_invoice.json file that contains the customizations made through ui and exported.

Any ideas of what can cause this behavior or how to fix it?


Did you do customize form or custom field?

Hi, Ben.
In two different instances in my local machine, I customized the Sales Invoice form through the UI and then exported the customizations to an app, using the method in the image:

So each app now has a /custom/sales_invoice.js file with the custom fields.
When I create another instance and install both apps, the customizations of the first app disappear.

The idea is that they are independent applications and can be used one or both together

I hope to have been clear, clearly English is not my first language


If it is just custom fields, you may be better off using the Custom Field tool instead. I think that allows multiple apps to overwrite, whereas the Customize Form I don’t believe does.