Custom Closet and Cabinet Manufacturing Issues

Hi everyone. We are a custom closet and cabinet manufacturer company in USA. Basically, in our custom closet side, we purchase raw materials (sheets, hardware and accessories) from our suppliers, then create a custom closet accordingly. In cabinet side, everything is certain. We have our cabinets as finished products and we have our cases and doors as sub products.

Now here is the issue,

1-) We can not manufacture the BOM file (consists of raw materials) of the custom closets in the system. And we shouldn’t create a new product for every custom closet BOM again and again. Thats a mess.
Because there is no product under that custom BOM file (there are only raw items), we can not take the Sales Order for the Production Planner or Work Order.
Maybe somehow, we need to operate these raw materials in the manufacturing process. But how? After all, we cut the sheets, apply the edgebands etc. We are not creating a product, we are operating raw materials and install.

2-) We have defined the suppliers to the system and under every item. But when we create a Purchase Order with a BOM file, the suppliers of the items doesn’t come up automatically.

3-) In the cabinet side, we have the final product, sub products and raw item BOMs in every sub product. When we need to create a Purchase Order, we can not purchase the raw items.

We need your help!
Thank you.

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