Custom 'Create' Action

I’d like to provide the ability to Create a Project from an Opportunity and carry over some data in the process. I don’t see a way to customize the ‘Create’ actions (‘Quotation’ is the only option listed, presently). Am I not looking in the right place?

Projects may be created from Sales Orders, which can be created from Quotations. The intermediate steps may not be entirely necessary and the process may not carry whatever data from the Opportunity that you require.

You’ll need a bit of Javascript and Python to do this.

You can add more options under the Create option by using the Client Script (JS):

Docs on how to do so.

Internally, the JS function needs to call a python function. In the case of Opportunity → Quotation, it’s calling the following:

You can achieve this by writing your own Py function using Server Script.

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