Custom created table fields are missing when opening the appraisal forms with status "Draft"

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a custom DocType and add it to the appraisal form as a new Table field. (Fill in the new doctype as options in the new field)
  2. Create a new appraisal with this new field filled and submit it.
  3. Create another appraisal keeping the new field empty and save it as a draft.
  4. From the appraisal list, open the submitted appraisal.
  5. Go back and open the appraisal saved as a draft.
  6. That form will be missing the newly added Table field.
  7. When the page is refreshed[control+shift+R], the table field reappears.

I can confirm that this issue is in both v12 and v13.

Couldn’t upload a gif. Here is a link to the screen recording.

Also, any idea why the text of status is truncated in the below image?