Custom Css-override core apps css in my custom app

Hi i need to override some css in core apps like frappe and erp next.
i have custom app for my app i need some css changes.
did i go through website theme or any other way?

kindly share your knowledge about website theme

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @mohamed_ibrahim,

first, create a custom app and then added a CSS code in /public/css/your_css_file.css

Once you’ve added your custom CSS, you need to include it in your app’s hooks file to ensure it is loaded when the app is used. Here’s an example of how to include the custom CSS in the hooks file ( ) of your app:

app_include_css = "/assets/my_app/css/custom.css"

In this example, my_app should be replaced with the actual name of your app. This line of code tells you to include the specified CSS file (custom.css ) from your app’s public/css directory.

I hope this helps.
Thank You!


@NCP thank for that i try too.
the desk.min.css is just override my custom css.
and i d0 !impoertant keyword its working fine but what i’m done is a proper way or any other way is there?

Hi @mohamed_ibrahim,

Sorry, We don’t know about another step.


hey thanks! can u provide some code snippets from the css file
I’m struggling to get the syntax right that will override desk components

also share for custom js if possible