Custom Darker Theme V 7.32

Hello, i like to share some modification to he css in ERPNEXT to make it more eye friendly, i love the software i use it about 10 - 12 hours at day for work and for learning, modifications are at core level, i know is not the best approach so any feedback on keeping it stable for future upgrades is highly appreciated.


I like it!


I think that a new feature in the setup section allowing the selection of a theme would be highly appreciated. In this way, with only one change at core level (maybe included in a near-future release), the problem would be solved.
Maybe the custom colors for the template could be kept in the database.

@Randy_Lowery Nice Work,
Did you change core frappe css code or added your code in Separate App?

Sambhaji Kolate,
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

thank you yes i did change the files in frappe css code, i know is just temporally maybe with some time i could create a separated app and share it.

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Hi , @Randy_Lowery . This looks wonderful , could you please share your CSS files ?


thank you for sure, its still a work in progress btw, here is a the link!AuszxpfDvaMBkhZZV6mDG7QUCUzA


Hi @Randy_Lowery . Awesome …

Many thanks for sharing .