Custom dashboards

Is it possible to create dashboards in erpnext in a similar way to odoo? It makes project management a breeze

We currently don’t have dashboards, but Collaborative Project Management is a feature coming up in ERPNext 7. It gives Projects a dashboard-like view.

Check this frappe app


This looks cool. Wish each module’s starting page will be a dashboard! :slight_smile:


Hello @revant_one,
this is pretty cool and i have tried it out but the Dashbord looks static for me or am i the one not getting it.
I want something like a filter that will be possible to change filter.

For Example… I want to see sales of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
just a filter to navigate my report

see below my dashboard

i need a filter to make this intereactive. Any help with this pl