New App to customise layout and colours

Hi. I am new to programming but I am keen to either do this myself or ask someone do this for me.
is it possible to create a new frappe app to allow customisation of layout and colours?


  1. Allow css overwrites for ERPnext default UI by filling forms and checkboxes aka Visual Composer ( no conflicts with default updates)
  2. Saving these changes into schemes.
  3. Assign different schemes to different roles.

I did see that Dashboards can be added using a new frappe app here.

with app hooks can you can tell which css to use for app or web.
check Javascript / CSS Assets -

Dashboard is added as a desk page in that app

@revant_one Thank you for your reply. Sorry but what do you mean by the Dashboard was added as a desk page?

You can add desk page to custom app. dashboard/dashboard/dashboard/page at master · Athenolabs/dashboard · GitHub

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