Custom Doc Export

i had created an custom document form front panel. how to add this custom filed/ doc in the invoice/SO.
and what is the possibility of exporting the data in to excel or CSV format.?

In the permissions settings of the parent doctype (whatever your custom doctype is), “Allow Import” should be checked.

As far as integrating your custom doctype with the Sales Order, I’d need more details to offer an opinion. Tell me more about the problem are you trying to solve?

i have to attach AWB No. along with each item in the SO/INV

The native answer is to use “Delivery Note” functionality instead. Have you looked into this and why is that solution not acceptable? The delivery note can be linked to the SO and invoice.

i am into logistics business. for the regular customer i need to provide tax bills.
i have to mention the AWB no details along with the invoice.

  • for each item raw- there will be 1 AWB number

this is my actual requirement.

for the same,i have created a new doctype.