Custom doctype and the first value

I am creating a very simple manual contact list which is consist of name, Ext no and mobile number. When the user enters data instead of the entered value a link appears (ref: the second picture). All works perfectly but 5d9f9e01c8 makes no sense in the phonebook. Is there any chance to fix it ?

Open DocType

Under Naming
in Auto Name field:name1

In my case, I have added field:supplier_group to name according to supplier group instead of hash

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Thank you very much. All fixed with help of kolate_sambhaji.

If anyone wants also a workaround , try this

Create a naming series such as, M.#### then choose your title field. In the end user will see employee name instead of data code.

@ferohers :How would you retrieve a value from your custom doctype into say a standard document like a sales quotation.
So for example, you had a the employee field on quotation as you have say sales person.

How would you retrieve a value such as Mobile number

I have created my own custom doc and tried the syntax below with no joy

cur_frm.add_fetch(“customer”, “local_tax_no”, “local_tax_no”);

Perhaps you could assist

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@ferohers - No problems, I’ve figured it out!

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hi Eli,

Would like to know how you did it :). Sorry I answered quite late.

Use cur_frm.add_fetch(“Custom Doctype”,“source”,“target”);

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And use the link data type