Custom DocType files not created

Hello All,

I have created a custom doctype called Daily Wage Employee, but after it’s creation, I’m not able to view daily_wage_employee folder inside my module… Because of this, I’m not able to view the .js, .json and .py files… Kindly let me know what is causing this issue and how to resolve it.
Thanks in advance!

Set developer mode this way:

bench set-config developer_mode 1

Hope this helps.

Thanks… Developer mode was already enabled… Anyways, I had input the command you provided now, but I couldn’t see any changes in vscode under my module.

Save the doctype again and check it.

I have found the solution for this query:

Under frappe>frappe>core>doctype>doctype>doctype.js, a change should be made for the doctype to not be a custom one while creating a new doctype.

if (frappe.session.user !== “Administrator” || !frappe.boot.developer_mode) {
if (frm.is_new()) {
frm.set_value(“custom”, 1);
frm.toggle_enable(“custom”, 0);
frm.toggle_enable(“is_virtual”, 0);
frm.toggle_enable(“beta”, 0);

Here, frm.set_value(“custom”,1) should be changed as frm.set_value(“custom”,0)
After this change, Custom? checkbox will not be checked and the backend files (.js, .json, .py) were also created. :v:

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Ok … but “custom” checkbox should be active (able to check/uncheck) if developer_mode is active and you are logged as administrator …

Happy if you solved.

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You are right… I think I haven’t logged in as administrator and couldn’t fetch the creds for administrator… That’s why I couldn’t uncheck from the frontend.