Custom doctype not showing

I have created a custom doctype
Thus doctype is not showing in the customise form
I have selected the “buying” module for this doctype
it dosent show in this also
I am not able to delete this doctype
i have the system use role with all permissions
can somebody help

Did you check the Custom? checkbox while creating it?

@krishnanhemanth try bench migrate

today, i get some problem like that, i try bench migrate.

If Custom? is checked in the doctype, it doesn’t show up in Customize Form

yes i did

yes i did check the customs check box

uncheck it or make changes at doctype level only.

On the ERPNext Desktop type the name of your DocType in the search box :slight_smile:

“My New Doc”

you will see bellow de suggestions:

My New Doc List

Click on that it should take you to the list of your new doctype, there you can create and list your documents, also click on menu->add to desktop to have an icon on the main dashboard (press F5 to update )

Hope it helps

Hi have you tried creating a custom app first? after you create an app, you install it, and try creating doctype that you want.

guide to create an app

Hello @KanchanChauhan

I have this problem the erpnext v10^ I’m using is in production mode and the option ‘custom’ is by default checked I’m unable to uncheck that.
I have created the doctype, it shows in doctype list but its related form is not created.
your answer will help me alot

I have created a doctype from the production mode, its working fine… but unable to visible in the module/doc type/folder to do some custom scripts.
I did bench migrate but no luck…

Whats the issue?

You will be able to create non-custom DocTypes in a production environment only if developer mode is enabled with

"developer_mode": 1

in common_site_config.json or site_config.json