Custom DocType: Questions

Hi all again,

I am actually trying to write a new Frappe App.
But somehow I am stuck with the documentation and I am exhausted to not find the information I need.

Basically what I did so far:

  • Creating new DocType
  • Creating Items within and Child Tables

What are my tables featuring:
Customer (link w/o adress), Project Table (project id, billable amount, rate, total), total, amended from

The DocType is submittable and of type “Document”. So far so good :wink: but now it comes to the tricky part where I am stuck since hours.

I want to do the following:

  1. Submit → Make Invoice

  2. Invoice gets - Customer, DocType Child Table where:

    Project ID → Item
    Billable Amount → QTY
    Rate → Rate
    Total → Total Net

  3. Make invoice :wink:

Is there a easy way and chance to do that?

Have you looked into the projects module? Seems like it would be easier than trying to create and maintain (really, mostly maintain) custom doctypes.

You need to code pyhon for that when you create a new doctype it will generate an .py file. You have to implement the validate() method for that doctype

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