Custom DocTypes and Additional Form Fields on Update

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We were really fascinated by ERPNext as I stumbled across it while looking to build a database system for our small nonprofit. We are mainly looking to work on it as a no-code tool with the existing nonprofit app, with some customizations. Had a few questions about it, however, and it would be a big help if someone from this wonderful community could answer those queries.

  1. If we create a new custom doctype, will that get erased on the next frappe/erpnext upgrade (minor and major-version upgrade, both)?

  2. If we add additional fields to an existing doctype that came prepackaged with erpnext, will those additional fields, and the data associated with them, get erased with the next frappe/erpnext upgrade (minor and major-version upgrade, both)? We will be using the Customize Form option to add fields to the existing doctypes.

  3. We created a new custom doctype with some fields, and we want to give access to some admin users to add more fields to it, in case it is required. We want to do it through the “Customize Form” option, rather than the “Doctype” option, for security reasons. But we couldn’t locate the newly created doctype in the “Customize Form” option.

I realize it’s quite a bit of queries, and it will be a big help, and we would be really grateful, if the community could point us in the right direction.

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@Finny_Philip , Please find your answer in this thread. Hope your doubts will clear.

@Suresh_Thakor Thanks for your prompt response.

So, if I’m understanding it correctly–I need a developer in-house/on-call, if I’m looking to work on ERPNext with some customizations that can be done using custom doctypes and additional fields in the forms? Is there any way to use it entirely as a no-code solution?

Thanks, once again, for the help!

Yes, you can implement ERPNext yourself if there is no more logic required.
Even here is a good thread also available for Learning purposes posted by the best contributor.


Thanks for replying again.

So can I assume that the custom doctypes added by me, and the custom fields I add to the preset doctypes (using the customize form option), will not be deleted when ERPNext/Frappe is updated?

Is there any way to get the custom doctypes to show up in the “Customize Forms” option so that I can allow some users to add fields without editing the custom doctype itself?

Thank you, once again, for all the help.

Yes, Customize will save in the Database.

If you need changes to be applied on another site then you will have to manage the custom app with the GitHub repository.

Find one more thread. Credit goes to @brian_pond. :clap:


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Thanks again @Suresh_Thakor for a prompt reply! This is, indeed, very helpful.

The community is all the more better because of you!