Custom Domain problem using hetzner & frappe cloud

hi there,
I’m having troubles connecting my custom domain which is managed by hetzner to my frappe cloud instance (site).

I followed this article:

so I changed the existing A record which was present in the DNS console, to the IP address of my frappe cloud site

at first is shows pending and after a few minutes it shows broken. Unfortunately this is all the information I get.

Is anybody else using hetzner for domain management or has a clue what I’m doing wrong. Any help is appreciated.

thank you

forwarding works, so if I enter the domain I will land in my frappe cloud dashboard, DNS verification for subdomain is working according to the frappe cloud interface but the status is still broken which hinders me to set the domain as primary domain

At this point I would also be willing switching the domain hoster, any frappe cloud users out there who can suggest a hoster?

Hetzner works for me (naked and subdomains), so probably no need to switch

Good to hear, anything you did differently than explained in the frappe docs I mentioned above?

This is my current config

Try putting a trailing dot behind “”:

Type Name Value
CNAME my-erp

Thanks, unfortunately not a solution either.
The DNS check is successful, but the status in the frappe cloud dashboard is still broken.

Really hope frappe team will look into this and hopefully have an answer for me.
As soon as I hear from them, I will post is here.

It might take some time for the changed settings to take effect. (TTL = 7200 s = 2 h)

Unfortunately still no success, are there any other ways to troubleshoot this problem?

Problem solved! the solution was to delete the A and AAAA record with www, to be able to change the CNAME record to www.

Now my next challenge: How can I change my domain setting, so that I can access the webpage built with frappe builder with my custom domain instead of the frappe login page?