Custom Email Alert for PO


I need some help with creating the below email alert. I can create email alerts fine, but not with the fields that i need.

Dear PO Approver or (name)

User or Employee (name) has submitted a PO (po number and hyperlink) for the amount of (total amount of the PO)

Please login to approve or reject (hyperlink to the PO or login page)

Many thanks in advance

@ermalc share what you have tried.

PO Approval Request

Transaction: {{ }} . Created by {{ doc.from_employee }} , by {{ doc.raised_by }}

This brings up employee code and employee address, any chance to pull up the Full Name.?

PO Total: {{ doc.grand_total }}

This does not display the currency value in front, £, $,, etc... how to get that?

Please Login to Approve or Reject.

No clue what the correct field for the hyperlink for this ?

Also, this email alert is created so when a user or member of staff creates a PO, or draft PO and it is awaiting authorization from the authorization approver or manager.

What would the “Email By Document Field” be for the authorization approver or manager to be notified , or the condition? Another topic for this on here

Please help if you can

Thank you

Thank you

Use {{ doc.get_formatted("grand_total") }}

Your /login url?

{{ frappe.db.get_value("Employee", doc.employee", "full_name") }}

(check the fieldname in employee)


@rmehta That is amazing, thank you so much for this, great help!!

I have one last request to make this work and would appreciate your time to have a look at this. It is the link to the other post about the authorized approver receiving an email once a user raises a PO. How to do this or what way is there to get some sort of notification email to the approver? Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks