Custom Email Notification

We have customised the email for Quotation in Customize => Email Notifications but the changes are not reflecting in the email while sending the quotation. What can be the issue?

Go to the menu on the top right and click on “Reload”. This will clear any cache and most likely fix the issue.

It did not work. Though I can see it in template but while sending an email the content doesn’t reflect.

Hello Anand:

Even though the Quotation content is saved in Customization → EMail → Quotation; it is not reflecting in an email while sending the mail?

Can you tell me what can be the issue?

Can anybody take a look, please?

Please close this thread.


@ajeenckya what was the solution?

@jkeersmaekers I had to reload the page and restart the frappe server.

Do you mind to share the steps to customize the email templates ?