Custom Field and Property Setter not Applied on Migration from V13 to Develop

To test migration from healthcare applications and custom app built app based around healthcare, We failed to see applied custom fields and property setter values . App working without taking customization into effect on existing healthcare docs. Any hint pls @ChillarAnand

Was the migration successful? Did bench migrate ran successfully without any errors?

Thx for responding @ChillarAnand, We have OS Ubuntu 20.04

We did fresh installation with develop branch of Frappe & ERPNext and healthcare with no issue

Installed custom app that is having customization related to healthcare doc with no issue . All custom docs applied but custom fields and property setter not applied to healthcare related docs like patient etc.Hence No customization applied to healthcare existing docs.

We run migration and force migration command successfully , still customization not applied to healthcare docs,it surprising.

Any hint to address such issue pls !

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