Custom field coming up with wrong Lookup value

Hi Experts,

I have created a custom field called “Catalog” in Item form. I want this filed to be linked with Catalog Names so that user can select from pull down list. So I have created new Document type “Sup Cat” and linked with Catalog field in Item form.

Issue is that when I see the values of catalog , it appears as a unique IDs in pull down list. I want Supplier catalog names to be appear in pull down list.

Can some one please help me. Thanks in advance.


Please see the screenshots.

Catalog Field

DocType “Sup Cat”

hi @satisharalkar

You will need to add Naming in you doctype.

In Auto Name enter field:supplier. for more information on naming please check

Thanks, Makarand

Hi Makarand,

Thanks a lot. issue resolved. I can see the list of Supplier catalog.