Custom field duplicate entry error on bench update in erpnext

I have added custom field by using fixture and when I first run this code it executed without any error and now whenever I am using bench update it is showing duplicate entry error.

So kindly can anyone guide me in solving this error.

Thanks in Advance,

Which version are you using?

erpnext 7.0.13
frappe 7.0.12

Can’t replicate the issue in my local.

@adityaduggal Can you help him? I think you were also getting the same kind of error while upgrading to version 7. How did you solved it?

@tanveer can you share the error code and your repo details.
I have had duplicate field error in my app as well but in both the cases the error was due to two different reasons.

The two reasons I had faced for this duplicate error was:

  1. I had created 2 files for importing custom fields one was json and the other csv
  2. There was an error when I had the same custom field which was also there in the base repository, for example the is_purchase_item field which was earlier removed from repo and then later added back.