Custom field error: missing semicolon


When creating a new custom field of type link, “depends on” part is written this way:

eval:doc.supplier_group != ‘Contractor’

and system shows error “missing ; before statement”

if semicolon is added before the statement( ;eval:doc.supplier_group != ‘Contractor’) system says unnecessary semicolon.


This is correct, try updating the customize form with this condition. Ignore the error message and let us know if you were able to update it?


Thank you for the response. I saved the customization however the error was there. Now it is like that no condition is checked when I want to open related field, means that system is ignoring my condition(dependent on in link field).


Could anybody solve this problem? seems like the “depends on” does not work for custom fields?

Ignore the warning, I believe the issue in your case is the comas, remove them and type them manually