Custom field+naming series issue


I’ve been trying to set naming series for Item to work with custom field.
example - ITEM-.my_field.###
but it doesn’t work. It only returns literal name like ITEM-my_field001.
Also tried with standard fields with no luck.
Is there a way the same could be achieved with custom script?

It works great on sales order and quotation but not for naming Items.


go through the following thread. It will help you

when I try to use:

it say, Special Characters except “-”, “#”, “.” and “/” not allowed in naming series

I’m facing the same issue. I cannot use curly braces and when i used just .my_field. it names the doc with literally my_field instead of applying the value of that field Any pointers or suggestions on how to make it work?


I’m facing the same issue.

  • If I put curly brackets, it will say that I cannot use curly brackets
  • If i use a custom field .customer_code., it will be literally customer_code.

If I use .customer., it will generate the full customer name correctly