Custom Field not appear in Supplier form

Hello, all.
I added my FaxNo field to the CONTACT form and made it EXACTLY the same as PHONE one.
Still, the Phone field appears in “ADDRESS AND CONTACTS” in the CONTACT frame of the SUPPLIER form, but my FaxNo - does not.
Is it my fault or the design constrain?
Thanks a lot ahead.

check the JSON file if the feild inserted in it or not

No, my field FaxNo doesn’t appear in any JSON file at all…:frowning:

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Seems you don’t have enough permission to write on apps after saving doctype
You can take write permission for this file using this command
sudo chmod 777 file.json

Thank you for your reply.
What may be the reason that I have not enough permissions, if I added the field as Administrator?
I can try to change permissions to test the issue - just, please, can you advice which file to chmod?
I am weak in JSON programming…:slight_smile:

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Maybe server user permission
Open terminal inside the doctype folder that you cants save field then run the previous command