Custom field Read Only Depends On the user

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I have created custom field in sales order but I want it to editable by a particular user, for rest of the user it should be viewable/read only. Please help in regards to condition script.

@NCP hi, need help. Tried all methods but nothing it working.

@rahul2 Use field level permissions!

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I am doing something like this at field level, but it is not working.

Hi, @rahul2

Assign a specific permission level, such as 1, 2, or 3, to the particular user. Also, update the custom field permission level to 1 or 2, matching the user’s assignment. This will ensure that only users with the corresponding permission level can edit the field.

(You don’t have to write any script)

reference- Managing Perm Level in Permission Manager


Thanks was able to solve the issue, using Role Permission Manager and perm level
Perm level

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Great :slight_smile: