Custom Field Vs Customise Form

Is there any advantage to using Custom Field over Customise Form when adding several fields to an existing DocType? Thank You

Hello Rick,

Customize Form is sufficient for inserting Custom Field, and its just like
adding new field from Custom Field.

Thanks for the answer umair. I should have been much more detailed in my question, I was tired when I wrote it.
I was wondering more;
Does one process require more overhead than the other in a live environment?

Which process is best when wanting to use: bench frappe --latest then bench frappe site1.local --backup to export fixtures.

Which process is less susceptible to clashing with future updates to ERPNext?

When using Customise Form should I delete unwanted fields or just hide them?

My feeling is that probably using Custom Field would be the best all round answer but being able to use Customise Form would be nice to.
Best Regards

Hello Rick,

Deleting Custom Field will not work from Customize Form. You should Delete
specific Custom Field record for it.

Setup >> Custom Field >> (Open Custom Field to be delete)

File >> Delete

You can customize form to some extended using Customize Form tool. Please
check following link to learn more about this tool.

Regarding a query on process, you can expect to hear from one of our
technical expert soon.