Custom fields are not visible to all employees

Hi, In Employee form, I have created a new section by adding a custom section_break field and added two select fields inside this section.
All employees can not see this section but I want them all to see this new section. How do I achieve this? help is appreciated.


Please check if you have set this sections as “Hidden”? Check in Customize Form and expand the row of section break and check if the “Hidden” checkbox is checked.

Hi @michelle thanks for the message. Yes i checked, “hidden” is not checked. Also my section break is expandable.
See i am with role “System Manager” or “Administrator” can see the fields, also my HR Manager can see these fields but not my other employees.

@Laxman_Singh can you check the Perm Level of these fields? What is it set to? The Perm Level field is near the “Hidden” checkbox.
Also, are the other fields (the non-custom ones) visible to the other employees?

@michelle perm level is 0
I have shared a snapshot what is visible to me… (newly added section was “Upwork Details”)

And the snapshot which is how my other employee sees it (they can’t see this newly added section).

Also, below is the section break field i added…

Not sure what is wrong