Custom fields change according to selection of one field

I am creating custom fields that will be part of customers data. The fields are:

Car Make (Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc)

Car Model (Corolla, Civic, Ranger, etc)

For field number 1 and 2, they are related. The car model will show only if its related to the Car Make. For example, it will show only Honda manufactured car model if we choose Car Make → Honda, instead of all vehicle models made by all cars.

Same question is asked here

but the answer give is unavailable

Here’s the updated link:

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Thanks sorry to disturb you guys again. I have no background in coding, thats why I am asking. Am I suppose to do this in developer mode or production mode. I couldn’t find it in production mode. Can you elaborate on how to add the script? If it’s in developer mode can you tell me how to switch between production mode. I couldn’t find that too.

You can add JS scripts within the system. No need to switch.

If you don’t have the time to sit and figure this out, and no dev on your team, best to contact a professional who can help out.