Custom fields not working for second company

Hi all,
I have created at set of custom fields to fetch employee details and incorporate then on doctype (ie quotation , purchase order etc…).
All works fine for the default company however when operating under the second one, the data doesn’t get fetched… I think the Custom field / Link isn’t working as the script seems ok.

Any idea of what i might have missed out ?

I have linked Emplyee doctype to my custom field. When operating under default company, the field auto updates with current user, but when operating from the secondary company…

Is there some kind of default value like user_fullname for Employee ID and/or Designation ?
Moreover where can i find the Terminology of Values in custom Default field ?

@Manu what do you mean by “not working” please specify

For property details see this:

Thank you for the property details , it helps a lot.
Actually , the EMP custom field wasn’t getting filled automatically, the related fetch wasn’t getting the value. So i Used User_fullname instead to make it simple.
I think the EMP wasn’t updating because of multiple user options (HR User).
Thank you for your continuous support.
regards, Emmanuel