Custom filter in item doctype

how I can add custom filter field it item doctype?
I want replace “variant of” field with my, custom field.

Yes you can.
Open item customize
Locate variant of and uncheck “In Standard Filter”
from the same customize screen loate your custom file and check “In Standard Filter”
That it save and reload and your are set.

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Thanks, this helps but it does not…
Item form has link with table Item Manufacturer(table that holds all manufacturers and part numbers for the item).
I want to put field that will filter all components with part number field from item manufacturer table.

Same thing I can do with custom filter, but that takes some time to set up. This kind on filter is in use a lot.

Here is screenshot with filter. I just want to create a shortcut for that filter.

So what you want to filter is in diferent doctype.
I actual never don that one beofre. i will have to look into it and see what i can do.

If a filter is complex but you need to reuse it often, you can save and reuse it from the sidebar.

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That will not help a lot since every item has different manufacturer part number. If is there any way to do with standard filter, that would be nice.

Hi did we get any solution for it.

refer to this pr feat(minor): child table field as standard filter in list view by szufisher · Pull Request #23625 · frappe/frappe · GitHub