Custom Filter Input based on field Selection

I have added a custom menu item Bulk Edit in the Lead doctype. Whenever this menu item is selected, Bulk edit popup is opened. This popup have field and value type of inputs along with save button. Field is a drop down with all the fields of Lead doctype. Value is a free text.

I want to change value input in such a manner that if selected field is date, then value will have date selection option, if selected field is a select, then value will have all values of that particular select.

How to achieve this functionality?


On the similar lines, we have added Bulk Update feature in ERPNext version 7. Check:

Setup > Data > Bulk Update

Hi Umair,

But the Bulk Update feature requires you to write sql query to filter out records that need to be updated. Which might be little difficult for HR/Ops users. Instead if they can apply filters in list view and then select records through checkbox and update, it would be super easy for them.

Hi Umair,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I saw erpnext’s team video yesterday. I really appreciate the kind of work you guys are doing. You guys are a very small team to manage this big a product. Erpnext is really making a lot of difference in our organization.

About Bulk Update:
I think if bulk update option is given on Doc type page, then it would more helpful. User can select the records that he/she wants to update in one go, then select a field and value, then click bulk update to update the records.

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