Custom form for moving Items quickly


I’m pretty new to ERPnext, currently evaluating it for our usage.

The default form to move items from one location / warehouse to another one is not really efficient for us.
Most of the time each of our bin can contain only 20 products, sometimes the same and sometimes differents ones.
We are rearranging those bins pretty often, so we need a quick way to do it with the appropriate filters.

I would like to create a custom form to allow the following:

  • Select the location / warehouse (bin)
  • All products in that bin would be displayed (and only the one in this one) with the quantity
  • I could enter a qty for each line to move (multiple line possible)
  • And I would finally select the new location / warehouse (bin)

If possible the form could have an option to immediately commit the move (no “save as draft” then “validate”)

If I’m right, the “bin” Doctype is the good one to work with, but how should I proceed ? Should I create a new doctype, or extend it with a new form?

That could be also really close to the “/app/stock-balance” view (there is a “move” button but being able to do a multiple selection…
But actually I cannot find where that form comes from, and there is no “Customize” button on it.

Thank you!