Custom form for repair and warranty

i want to create an warranty and repair form
it should be something like this
this should be under STOCK or relevant doctype
user selects the form “Warranty and Repair”
the form opens
user selects Serial No
details of the serial No like product, customer, date of sale, address and other details gets populated
then a drop down box > to select “under warranty” “warranty expired”
if “under warranty” then
select “product replacement” “product repair”
if “product replacement” then in table> select product > assign serial no
if “product repair” then
in table
select components that needs to be replaced
here the materila consumed must be adjusted in stock with cost to company ( cost incurred for doing a free repair or replacement)
if “warrant expired” then
all those shown above
charges on components changed
tax on above
stock adjustment and accounts updation

i can create a form and start off most of the things
but i have no idea of how to adjust stock / accounting
any resource or samples or help

Have you looked at existing Warranty form? Maybe adding a few custom fields on it may help?

Hi Pawan
Warranty form gives most of the basic information
can i add a table to select items used for service
another table to select replacement product with serial number in case the product is being replaced
how do i manage spare parts pricing, labour, gst and stock adjustment
the above are critical for after sales
Repair and Warranty needs to be in 2 forms (an idea only)
recieving form >> recieving details with serial number , problem list
Activity Form >> repair, service, replacement carried out with list of spares/product used, its charges, taxation and invoice generation



it is very useful and interesting.

Very Interesting and badly needed!

ERPNext have an specify flow for repair

In the case of warranty, there’s another flow

Starting from the warranty, and following the process for repair business, you should be able to accomplish what do you want