Custom Form layout for Adding new Entries

We need to design custom layout for forms to make it easy for adding records by users. Is there any way out to do custom web form layout instead of fix column-based layout.

A sample of one custom form for your reference is below

With a Custom Page, you can do pretty much anything you can imagine. Alternately, you could consider adding an HTML field and building your own widget that interacts with the cur_frm.doc object directly.

Dear @peterg by adding Custom page, we can do reports and dashboards, but how I can add form and save Added form into DocType, we require Add/Edit functionality of DoctType with custom layout of form as displayed in my initial post.

On a custom page, you can use the full js/python api, including all methods for creating and updating doctypes.

If you’re looking to use already existing form functionality but add custom widgets, the HTML fieldtype is probably your easiest way forward. You might consider using the Vue.js framework that’s already built in.

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