Custom form send to email using php

Hi guys,

I tried to create a custom form for the user, when the click submit, it will send the data to my email address. Im using php to process the input to send to my email.

Html and php file is stored in www/folder of my custom app.

Problem is, when it read the php, it just shows server error .

When user is not log in,the php is not readable at all.

I would like to know what is the right approach to do this?.

Web Forms

Haha,yes i know that is the right approach to create the web form…

But we need to create a link for user to go into the web form, what if i want to include the form all together within the front page, so the user doesn’t need to go into another page.

I know its not possible to embedding the form.

So am trying a quick solution, create form to send information by user to email address using php.

Is my approach to store php in www custom app folder correct or it cant be don’t that way.

If moving PHP into frappe web forms becomes problematic (I don’t know if its possible or not) Why not just embed the frappe web form into your external php page?