[Custom] Freeze Column in Query Report, Other Query Report's Dynamic Link no longer clickable

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I followed @magic-overflow method and successfully freezing the column, however all my query reports is no longer clickable.


It’s working fine at my side.
I’m running erpnext and frappe V9


Can you click any cell in second row?

It works fine and all, but it cant have a redirect link to another doctype.

Eg, it works before i apply your feature, it has a underline and can click to go another doctype/link.
But now the underline is gone and cant be click anymore.

Link is working fine.
Once i clicked A100000 | CURRENT ASSETS, it will redirect to General Ledger and filter by account A100000 | CURRENT ASSETS.


Could it be my Custom Report problem? image
the Dynamic Link doesnt seems to be display as a link.

Profit and Loss Statement (Not custom) seems to work fine.

I’m not quite sure about Dynamic Link field in the report.

But you can see Trial Balance report below, it doesn’t use Dynamic Link , it use formatter.

This Trial Balance report example:
js file:

formatter js function:


Column type need to be Link.